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Essentials (recap)

Here is a series of images I created based around some of my favorite movies. The running internet fashion grid photos have been an ongoing trend for quite some time now. What better way to remember some classic films than by the outfits and props. Check em out!

american psycho essentials big trouble essentials donnie darko essentials kill bill essentials life aquatic essentials shaun essentials the shining essentials the thing essentials true romance essentials




The Thing remake

As you are probably aware, hollywood is remaking one of the greatest horror movies made. The Thing. The original thing came out in 1982 by John Carpenter, and starred a severely bearded Kurt Russell as well as other actors who’s names I forget. If you haven’t seen the original I strongly suggest you check that shit out. Almost 30 years have passed since it originally came out and it still holds up as an amazing horror film. Watch this scene! At check out the sweet movie art created by Mondo.