$15 hat sale

Check out some of our CMDR hats on sale for $15. If you didn’t get a chance to pick one up, nows the time. Especially with our Promo: freeship


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cmdr 2013 fall look book “daisy pushers collection”

With the release of our Fall 2013 delivery, comes the look book for the collection entitled, Daisy Pushers. The delivery is based around the old saying, pushing daisies. Someone would have said this in reference to someone that was recently deceased. “Jack is no longer with us, he’s 6 feet deep pushing daisies.”  I thought this saying was interesting, because from death came life.

Check out the delivery here! Use Promo: freeship

The look book was shot by Richard Perkins, special thanks to Richard and all of the models that took time out of their weekend to shoot this.

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Thanks to everyone for all of the support over the last couple of days! Your orders and support are very much appreciated! SO much so, that we’ve dropped the sales even further for cyber monday! Take 30% off! when you enter promo: CYBER at www.commodorebrand.com don’t sleep you might not get your favorite style! Thanks guys!

Kazbah Black Friday Sale!

The madness ensues! Check out the web sales that Karmaloop’s, Kazbah is throwing up! Everything in the kazbah is free shipping and 20% off with promo: BLKOUT2012. Def check out the CMDR page here!

CMDR Fall 2012 “High Friends / Lo Places”

Here is the Fall 2012 collection from CMDR, all product is available at www.commodorebrand.com or Here! Use Promo: freeship for free shipping. You can also pick up some of the new delivery on Karmaloop, at the KAZBAH HERE! or if you are a VA native, you can pick it up at your friendly neighborhood WRV, or Sole Bros. Thanks to everyone for the support and all the hard work that went into making this!



In just a few short days we will be unveiling our Fall Capsule, High Friends / Lo Places. As always, all the styles will be in extremely limited quantities, and will only be stocked at a few retailers in VA, as well as here and on Karmaloop here! Remember to support your local cats, and your friendly neighborhood clothing co.