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Patrick Nagel Inspired Movie Posters (recap)

Here is a few of my favorite female movie characters recreated in the Patrick Nagel art style. I decided to use an 80s art style to create this movie posters to add to the nostalgia. Enjoy!

blade runner cherry darling KILL BILL le femme nikita leeloo leia mulholland dr ripley royal t 2


Finally a dope kungfu movie / True Legend

After the release of the kill bill movies, nothing has really been on point in the kung fu genre of movies. Ip man did surface, and was fucking awesome, but I need like a steady stream of kung fu action releases. At least, like two movies a year. Enter True Legend, Although it does look like a mixture of crouching tiger + hero + fearless + mad other recent kung fu films, its still got me geeked. Check out the trailer here!