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Essentials (recap)

Here is a series of images I created based around some of my favorite movies. The running internet fashion grid photos have been an ongoing trend for quite some time now. What better way to remember some classic films than by the outfits and props. Check em out!

american psycho essentials big trouble essentials donnie darko essentials kill bill essentials life aquatic essentials shaun essentials the shining essentials the thing essentials true romance essentials




It’s been awhile …

Sorry for neglecting the blog. We have been working our arses off over here! Getting ready for some big things right on the horizon! SOO… I’ll try and catch you guys up on a little bit of whats been happening…

1. Shaved the Beard off (so long beard…hello summer!)

2. Got addicted to chill dogs…

3. Made a sweet 3′ polaroid for the CMDR Cuatro De Mayo Party

4. Made some sweet pennants for the Cuatro De Mayo Party as well

5. Aetgy / La Muerte and Sugabear Djed the party / and we made a bunch of posters…

6. Special guest Chad Hugo(N.E.R.D.) Djed for awhile

7. Went to my buddies wedding and found a subliminal message.

8. Met Bill Murray … weird and awesome.

9. Rode a Segway … Super fun, not super cool looking …I’m in the back not smiling. haha

10. Bought some new boots …

11. Finished the Summer Delivery for CMDR… YES!

12. Finally got the CMDR Skate/ Street team together! Congrats, Trey, Richie, Mitch, Marcus and Tyler(not pictured below).