About the Brand

Commodore Brand Clothing

     Founded and driven by a passion to create what isn’t already out there. Inspired by music, movies, skateboarding (the art and the lifestyle) and fashion of all kinds. Commodore was founded on the idea that making high quality original hand drawn graphics, would fuel a brand, when so many other brands are cashing in on rehashed graphics. Creation before mass duplication. We put a lot of time and effort into making the brand stand out from others with higher quality graphics and goods.

Founded in 2010, the efforts of Commodore brand, have been to consistently make a more cohesive and detailed oriented line. If you see something you like feel free to let us know! We love getting emails!




  1. Gage D

    super sick, going to hotline to pick up that product. Friends in pictures so i found out through them. VB native 4 life

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