Patrick Nagel Inspired Movie Posters (recap)

Here is a few of my favorite female movie characters recreated in the Patrick Nagel art style. I decided to use an 80s art style to create this movie posters to add to the nostalgia. Enjoy!

blade runner cherry darling KILL BILL le femme nikita leeloo leia mulholland dr ripley royal t 2

Essentials (recap)

Here is a series of images I created based around some of my favorite movies. The running internet fashion grid photos have been an ongoing trend for quite some time now. What better way to remember some classic films than by the outfits and props. Check em out!

american psycho essentials big trouble essentials donnie darko essentials kill bill essentials life aquatic essentials shaun essentials the shining essentials the thing essentials true romance essentials



cmdr 2013 fall look book “daisy pushers collection”

With the release of our Fall 2013 delivery, comes the look book for the collection entitled, Daisy Pushers. The delivery is based around the old saying, pushing daisies. Someone would have said this in reference to someone that was recently deceased. “Jack is no longer with us, he’s 6 feet deep pushing daisies.”  I thought this saying was interesting, because from death came life.

Check out the delivery here! Use Promo: freeship

The look book was shot by Richard Perkins, special thanks to Richard and all of the models that took time out of their weekend to shoot this.

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